About Mags

I tried yoga for the first time when I was studying abroad. I kind of dipped in and out of practice but the connection remained. Then I found my teacher next to whom I became devoted to the practice and gradually realised how much yoga helps you realise what's really important in life.
I mainly teach various Vinyasa flows with strong elements inspired by Ashtanga. My kind of yoga helps with healing from physical and emotional vulnerabilities from a strong and dynamic practice, confidence in body grows, and with this, you get a sense of trust in the world.
I advocate strength as you can be born flexible, but you become strong through continuous practice. But foremost, we need to learn how to be kind to ourselves and through that we can shape the practice to make it our own.
I would like to invite you to share your practice with me. Yoga really is a never-ending journey of exploration. Every day is different and similarly every time you meet yourself on the mat, you’re a different person and your practice will be different.



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