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How to Free Pent-up Emotions Through Yoga - The Essential Guide.

*Match your energy* 🔥 🌊 💨⛰️

If you're fuming or want to smash things around you, DON'T do restorative yoga or a calming meditation. In all likelihood, you'll end up feeling even more frustrated.

Do a fiery, dynamic practice to channel that surplus of energy and give it an outlet.

Everyone should do a plank a day (and keep the doctor away). Plank is a foundational and one of the most effective poses you can do because it requires a small time investment but offers the chance to achieve substantial results.

*Let yourself FEEL* 💗💗💗

Be angry or sad if that's how you're feeling. Don't act on it. Just feel.

Easier said than done?

Long holds like pigeon or any hip openers force you to sit with the discomfort and intensity.

Give it a go and release whatever emotions, attitudes no longer do the job.

*Give thanks* 💖💖💖

Resist as much as you want but then try it. For a few days and see the difference.

Today I am grateful for my teacher @kinoyoga and being able to practise with her live weekly since the pandemic last year.

Your turn. What are you grateful for today???